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Painful TMJ or TMD

The temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, connects the jawbone to the skull. The joints on either side of the jaw act like a sliding hinge and work with the muscles near them to open and close the mouth and move the jaw side-to-side and backward to forward. A broad array of factors impact TMJ including but not limited to: swelling and soreness anatomic structural abnormalities in the muscles of the jaw. through the neck, nearby ligaments, [...]

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Thrush in Newborn Babies and Older Adults

Oral thrush is a common condition in newborn babies and older adults. That’s good to know, you say, but what is thrush and why is it common for them? What is Thrush Thrush is an infection of a yeast fungus, known as Candida albicans, which appears as white, slightly raised areas in your mouth. They’re usually found on the tongue or inner cheeks. They can also appear on the roof of the mouth, gums, tonsils, [...]

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Suddenly Sensitive? What’s Up With My Teeth?

As you bite you into a delicious ice cream cone, you suddenly feel an uncomfortable sensation inside your mouth. This is one of the most common symptoms of sensitive teeth. Although tooth sensitivity is not a serious condition, it can become an extremely irritating problem. Here are some of the most common causes of tooth sensitivity. Worn Enamel The purpose of enamel is to provide an extra layer of protection. If your enamel has become [...]

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5 Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Some people tend to underestimate the discomfort that can be caused by sensitive teeth. It is a common condition that often makes eating food a frustrating event. At times, the sharp pain can be felt throughout your whole mouth. Let’s take a look at the five main causes of sensitive teeth. Worn Fillings Over time, dental fillings can gradually wear down. This makes you far more likely to experience sensitive teeth. If you don’t take [...]

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Gingivitis: Top 7 reasons to fight with all your might

Many specialists agree; one of the most overlooked oral health problems is gingivitis. This is because it often goes unnoticed for a long time. However, there are early symptoms of an underlying dental issue including swollen or bleeding gums, bad breath (halitosis) and gum recession. Nonetheless, untreated gingivitis can have long-term effects on your health. Early Stages of Gingivitis Rendering to WebMD, the beginning stages of gingivitis are comprised of a variety of symptoms such [...]

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Causes of Tooth Erosion

The enamel on your teeth is a tough substance that coats and protects each tooth’s underlying dentin. Tooth erosion can occur when the enamel begins to wear away due to a number of possible causes. Once enamel has deteriorated enough, the dentin becomes vulnerable to increased tooth sensitivity, weakened structure, and pain. Surface Stains The causes of dental erosion are generally chemical in nature and not the result of bacteria or decay. You may already know that [...]

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Sensitive Teeth Can be a Painful Experience

Toothpaste for sensitive teeth is a big seller, and with good reason: 40 million adults in America suffer from sensitive teeth. While using toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth can ease your discomfort, finding out the cause of your tooth sensitivity and taking steps to correct the problem could be a better solution. Sensitive teeth are usually most noticeable when you eat or drink something that is very hot or very cold. Tooth enamel protects the [...]

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Dental Conditions and Aging

The connection between a healthy mouth and a healthy body, and vice-versa, has become a well established concept these days. This relationship becomes increasingly important as we age, and dental care actually becomes a more critical part of our overall health. At our dental offices in Birmingham, Gardendale, Sumiton and Warrior serving Central Alabama communities, some of the most special smiles belong to our more mature patients. We’re always happy that they have chosen to [...]

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My Teeth Hurt When I Bite Down

Alabama Family Dentistry wants to make sure everyone has healthy teeth. If you experience pain when you bite down, there may be many different causes. Alabama Family Dentists can conduct a thorough examination of your mouth and provide answers about your source of pain. Make an appointment today at one of our 4 locations for the treatment you need  to alleviate your pain. Pain Triggers Cavities: Tooth decay is one of the most common disorders experienced, second only to the [...]

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When Baby Teeth Don’t Fall Out

When Baby Teeth Fail To Fall Out Visit Alabama Family Dentistry. Your Child has an Appointment with the Tooth Fairy! “My tooth is loose!” These words represent a huge milestone in your child’s life. Children get super excited when they lose their first teeth because they’re growing up and the tooth fairy will be coming! But what happens if your child isn’t losing baby teeth? Alabama Family Dentistry,  serving patients from communities all over [...]

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