Put the Brakes on Nagging Jaw Pain

Is your jaw talking to you? A skilled dentist can translate its message and decipher its meaning. The causes of jaw pain are many but not always obvious, and some are not dental-related. Pinpointing the cause may take professional sleuthing. The expert dentists at Alabama Family Dentistry’s four locations can help you get to the root of the problem. There are a number of common sources of jaw discomfort: 1. Ailing Teeth and Gums [...]

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Halloween Candy Will Haunt Your Child’s Teeth

Understandably, many kids consider Halloween to be one of their favorite celebrations of the year. While dressing up in spooky costumes can be fun, there’s nothing quite like getting a bag full of treats. The bad news is that Halloween candy can haunt your child’s teeth for years to come. Here are some tips to help keep your child’s mouth in good condition this Halloween. Be Leery of Sticky Candy Sticky Halloween candy is [...]

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Dry Mouth: Problems Ahead

Dry mouth is a condition that occurs when your mouth's salivary glands aren't producing enough saliva to keep your mouth moist. The medical terminology for dry mouth is called xerostomia. Saliva is important to your oral health, as it helps prevent cavities by washing away bits of food and keeping bacteria from growing by neutralizing acids. Salivary glands also help you taste foods, enable easier chewing and swallowing, and aid in digestion. When less saliva [...]

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Oral Cancer: Are You at Risk?

Key Risk Factors of Oral Cancer Oral cancer is a devastating disease that kills more than 9,700 people a year. Although there’s no overlooking the seriousness of oral cancer, early detection will help you to defeat it. Let’s examine some of the key risk factors. Smoking While there are a number of lifestyle habits to avoid, smoking is by far one of the most dangerous. It’s the leading cause of oral cancer. If you smoke [...]

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Bi-Annual Dental Checkups

Dental Checkups also Detect Mouth Cancer and Gingivitis Alabama Family Dentistry encourages everyone to get bi-annual checkups. Not only will you get your teeth professionally cleaned during the visit, but you’ll also be examined for any potential dental problems. Here are some of the key reasons why bi-annual checkups are so important. Cavities Often times, cavities will cause you to experience symptoms such as unusual sensitivity in your teeth. This motivates many people to schedule a visit [...]

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Antibiotic Prophylaxis to Prevent Problems

Antibiotic prophylaxis is the use of antimicrobial therapy like antibiotics in order to prevent infection complications. It is generally administered prior to any type of surgical incision or procedure. According to Science Direct, the timing and duration of antibiotic prophylaxis is crucial for reducing the occurrence of postoperative wound infection. The administration recommendation for antibiotic prophylaxis is 2 hours prior to surgical incision. Additionally, there should not be any type of wound contamination thus further antibiotic [...]

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Smoking: Enemy of Oral Health

The Dangers of Smoking For years, doctors have warned about the potential dangers of puffing on cigarettes. However, many people fail to realize the impact that smoking can have on your oral health. Here are some of the biggest reasons why you should stop smoking. Stained Teeth If you smoke, there’s a good chance that your teeth will become discolored. It doesn’t take long for the nicotine and tar in tobacco to turn your enamel [...]

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Over 60? Dental Hygiene Is Critical for Good Health

Good dental hygiene is important at any age. As you age, you may think your days of cavities and regular dental visits should lessen, but the opposite is actually true. Keeping up with healthy dental habits becomes even more important as you get older. Brushing at least twice a day and flossing on a daily basis is a must if you want to keep your teeth from forming cavities, just as when you were younger. [...]

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Six Reasons Why You Might Have Tooth Sensitivity

Do you grimace just thinking about trying to enjoy an ice cream cone on a hot day or sitting down for a hot bowl of soup on a chilly evening? Anyone who is living with tooth sensitivity already knows the way that this condition can make it difficult to enjoy a wide variety of foods. Sensitive teeth can cause you to experience searing pain whenever you bite into foods that are cold or hot. Drinking hot or [...]

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Bad Habits That Can Wreck Your Teeth

You probably have a few bad habits and routines you've become accustomed to doing, often without even thinking about them. Some of these bad habits can be damaging your teeth and even your overall oral health. Smoking and Your Teeth For example, smoking is bad habit for many people. Not only can smoking cause lung cancer, but it can also place you at risk for oral cancer and gum disease. Smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco [...]

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