What if my gums are bleeding?

What if my gums are bleeding?

If you are experiencing bleeding gums when you brush or floss your teeth, it’s important to see your dentist right away. While it is perfectly normal for your gums to bleed if you accidentally press too hard with the floss, they should not bleed for normal, gentle oral hygiene. Understanding gum disease and how to avoid it are both integral to keeping your mouth healthy and pain-free.

Causes of Bloody Gums

For gums that are swollen or red, it is possible that you have gingivitis or another gum disease. Gum disease is extremely common and is luckily quite easy to treat if you catch it early. To combat the issue one of our Alabama Family Dentistry dentists can prescribe a new hygiene routine or special products designed to clear up the infection, while others may use dietary changes or behavioral adjustments. For example, smoking cigarettes dries out gum tissues and it may be necessary for you to quit in order to beat the infection. For some people, eating sharp foods, such as certain cereals, can lead to gum irritation and, possibly, infection. For any gum issue, it is best not to delay treatment because the infection can get worse and lead to other issues such as tooth decay or abscesses.

Avoiding Bleeding Gums

If you have healthy gums now, keeping them healthy involves regular trips to the dentist, good oral hygiene and good habits. Using a ADA-approved toothpaste is important, as is regularly replacing your toothbrush which can harbor bacteria if used too long. Having regular dental cleanings helps to scrape away the tartar that accumulates on your teeth and irritates your gums. You should also break any bad habits you may have, such as chewing on plastic or smoking cigarettes. Crunching up hard candies or ice is also a nasty habit. All of these bad habits can lead to gum injuries, which opens the membranes to infection and trauma.

Having healthy, resilient gums is just one part of having a healthy mouth. If you are concerned about any bleeding or swelling in your mouth, you should make an appointment one of our Birmingham offices today to get help before your teeth are permanently damaged.

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