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Benefits of Fluoride: Everyone Needs Fluoride

Benefits of FluorideBenefits of Flouride: for over half a century, the oral health care Benefits of Fluoride have been accepted without question. Unfortunately, most people assume that the fluoride they get from their toothpaste and tap water is adequate for their needs. This is not always the case.

Children often get cavities due to poor homecare habits. They forget to brush after breakfast or before bed: and when they do brush, they rarely clear plaque from all tooth surfaces. Fortunately, the extra protection offered by a fluoride treatment can counter these threats and reduce the risk of a child developing cavities.

Fluorides are beneficial for children, but many adults also suffer from problems for which fluoride may also be the answer. A recent National Institute of Dental Research survey reported that adults had an average of 23 decayed and filled tooth surfaces.

Controlling Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity to both hot and cold affects 25% of all adults at one time or another. Often, such sensitivity is due to receding gums, which expose the formerly protected root surface. Sensitivity will also sometimes occur following root planning, scaling, or other gum treatment procedures. This can be controlled with various fluoride treatments.

Fortunately, relief from sensitivity can be just a visit away to your dentist. In fact, many products have been developed to control sensitivity. Some provide pain relief while doing nothing to protect exposed areas from cavity development. Fluoride-based products are usually preferred because they also provide protection from decay.

What Causes Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay is a bacterial disease that can be prevented. BACTERIA + SUGAR + ACID = DECAY

Bacteria that normally live in the mouth must have sugar in order to generate an acid that can penetrate the enamel and eventually cause decay. About 95% of the population have these bacteria. Proper daily removal of plaque, restricting sugar intake and good fluoride therapy work together to prevent decay.

  • Fluoride Varnish has been a major advancement in fluoride treatments and it is recommended for everyone, especially for children after adult teeth have erupted. Varnish penetrates the enamel and provides solid protection up to 90 days.
  • Sealants are important also in protecting the chewing surface where there are grooves for bacteria to grow. Yes, tooth decay is preventable.

Fluoride is a key component in dental health.  It fights tooth decay like no other.  The professionals at Alabama Family Dentistry give excellent dental health care instruction to their patients, young, and old. There are many Benefits of Fluoride treatment.  Every age and stage of life brings dental challenges.

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