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Sumiton Family Dentistry: Where Families Go

Oral health is important to a person’s overall health, which is why brushing and flossing are so important. Regular oral examinations and periodic dental procedures are also important, and Alabama Family Dentistry has opened a fourth office in Sumiton to help bring these services to the residents of Walker County and of adjacent Jefferson County. The staff of Sumiton Family Dentistry has the experience to provide the most comprehensive dental care in a clean and comfortable setting. As it is at our other facilities, excellent patient experience, and top-notch care will be the number one priority at our new office.

Poor dental hygiene can lead to numerous health problems, even heart disease. Bacteria in the mouth, which affects more than 90% of the population, can eventually lead to tooth decay. Teeth can also be damaged or lost to periodontal disease, which is a type of infection that affects the gums. Regular cleanings can assure the removal of tarter and thus prevent the development of tooth decay. Additionally, Alabama Family Dentistry offers special techniques to deal with gum disorders. We also have expertise in oral screening, which can help in the detection of the anomalies that can lead to cancer of the mouth.

There are a number of treatments that can be done to promote good oral health, and Sumiton Family Dentistry offers many of these services to the community. Dental sealants that are applied to the chewing surface of a tooth can help protect against plaque and food particles. Flouride treatment, which is one of the services we offer to children, can help reduce the possibility of cavities developing in their teeth.

In the event that dental problems do occur, Alabama Family Dentistry offers a host of treatment options. We perform fillings where cavities have appeared and root canal procedures in cases where teeth have become infected. We can also perform extractions when teeth are broken or extensively decayed. The porcelain crowns that we use to replace missing teeth are sculpted to fit the individual needs of each patient. Dental bridges are used to replace groups of teeth that are missing, and partial or complete dentures are available when patients lose most or all of their own teeth. Our cosmetic dentistry services include teeth whitening and bleaching, which can help in cases where teeth have become stained due to smoking or the excessive consumption of coffee or other foods.

Services offered at Sumiton Family Dentistry include: preventive care; fluoride varnish; cleanings; resin restorations; amalgam restorations; porcelain crowns; veneers; bridges; bonding; Zoom! 1 hour whitening; tooth matching; root canals; extractions; partial and full dentures; immediate dentures; restorations on implants; oral cancer screening; and a non surgical periodontal treatment program. A service that is very popular with our patients is the whitening for life program. Ask about it at your next appointment.

Our Staff

Previously owned by Dr. Gary Petro, our new office is staffed by two of our dentists, Dr. Colby Thomson and Dr. Maggie Cowen. They and the rest of the staff at Sumiton Family Dentistry are ready to provide patients with the dental services that they need. Call for an appointment at (205) 648-6054.

Payment Options

At Sumiton Family Dentistry we keep our fees reasonable to best serve our patients. We accept most insurance plans including Medicaid. All credit cards are accepted and we also extend Care Credit and CitiHealth financing options. Both of these plans offer up to 18 months interest-free financing with certain restrictions and up to 5 years financing with a small finance charge. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Sumiton Family Dentistry will help you utilize your dental benefits to your best advantage.

Sumiton Family Dentistry
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