Teeth Whitening

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Discolored or Stained Teeth?

Over time our teeth tend to become discolored or stained. Whether this is from smoking, coffee, or any other foods, a beautiful smile could be closer than you think. We offer a safe, inexpensive solution to an unsightly smile. Whitening your teeth is a very simple procedure that can be completed in relatively short period of time.

Get Ready to ZOOM!

Take a first step in feeling good and looking great with brighter, whiter teeth in less than an hour. Zoom! teeth whitening is safe, effective and very fast, and performed only by a dental professional. Acton Road Family Dentistry and Gardendale Family Dentistry offer ZOOM! whitening.

The procedure is simple. It begins with a short preparation to cover and protect your lips and gums, leaving only your teeth exposed. The Zoom! clinician then applies a gel and uses the proprietary Zoom! light. The light and gel work together to gently penetrate your teeth, breaking up the stains and discoloration.

During this time you can relax, watch TV or listen to music. The gel is applied for 3 fifteen minute sessions for a total treatment time of 45 minutes. In just one hour Zoom! safely whitens teeth an average of 8 shades.

Home-Use Bleaching Whiteners Dispensed Only by Dentists

Available at all Alabama Family Dentistry offices are home-use bleaching whiteners dispensed by dentists only. First your dentist will make you some custom fitted mouth trays for both upper and lower teeth. You are provided with a whitening kit that you use for several weeks. The kit consists of whitening gel which is placed in the trays and worn for short periods during the day or even overnight as specified by your dentist. Final results have been found to be quite dramatic!