White Fillings

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White Fillings: An Excellent Cosmetic Option

White Fillings

Alabama Family Dentistry uses a composite resin restoration as an excellent cosmetic alternative to amalgams or silver fillings to fill in teeth that have been injured or that have cavities. They are particularly suited for teeth visible in the front of your mouth. As well, they are recommended for replacement of older amalgam fillings as their lifetime expires, as there has recently been some concern over potential side effects from their mercury content.

Composite fillings are made of thin, durable, tooth-colored resin and are virtually undetectable, as well as making the affected tooth stronger. This is due to the fact that, compared with other dental restorations, composite resin restoration requires less of the healthy part of a tooth to be removed to hold the filling in place because of the ability of the composite materials to adhesively bond to teeth. For extremely large areas of restoration in the back of the mouth, a long-wearing porcelain filling or inlay may be recommended.

The process is typically completed in one visit, although the procedure for a composite filling may take a little longer than for other types of fillings because the tooth must be kept totally dry from saliva after the decay has been removed. A base adhesive is carefully spread on the area to be protected by your dentist. Several thin layers of the tooth-colored composite are then applied over the adhesive. Once the filling is in place, it is cured, or chemically hardened, with a special light, typically for less than a minute. The area is then polished to prevent staining and early wear.

Although the main advantage of composites is an aesthetic benefit, since the material can be blended to a shade that is nearly identical to that of the actual tooth, the materials utilized for composite fillings are not only used for restoring decay, but may also be applied as a cosmetic improvement to your smile by changing the color of the teeth or reshaping disfigured teeth. As well, composites support the remaining tooth structure, which provides the benefit of insulating the tooth from extreme temperature changes while reducing the potential for breakage. White fillings, like other dental materials, may require periodic replacement.

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